Yesterday’s bloggers’ meetup

Thanks to Malc for organising yesterday’s bloggers’ meetup. I really enjoyed it — it was good seeing some bloggers again, and meeting some others for the first time.

The most impressive part of the night though was when every blogger’s favourite columnist, Iain Macwhirter, turned up. In the wake of all the criticism he got from bloggers (including me) about his article from a couple of weeks ago, he turned up unannounced and stayed for a couple of pints!

Thankfully, we all managed to withhold our ejaculations for the duration of his visit. I hope he enjoyed the discussion and saw that we aren’t all vicious and constantly attacking one another.


  1. Pleased to hear it was a success. Perhaps Stuart Winton and myself could host something in Dundee but I will wait for Stuart to suggest it 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good evening was had by all!

    For Subrosa – well why not, we had a meeting of the three known bloggers in Nairn in February just before I left for Spain.