*IMPORTANT notice for RSS subscribers*

Here is the new URL for the RSS feed: http://doctorvee.co.uk/feed/

Hi everyone. Those promised posts still haven’t come. Er, sorry about that.

In the meantime, I have been grappling with an issue with Feedburner, the third party RSS tool. None of the five RSS feeds that I have running through Feedburner have updated since 4 April, despite the fact I have produced plenty of content for some of those feeds. Needless to say, I find this unacceptable so I have decided to ditch Feedburner.

Unfortunately, this means that the addresses for those RSS feeds have to be changed. Which means making my readers subscribe to the new feeds. That’s a real pain in the neck because RSS subscribers are the most loyal readers, and they normally use RSS feeds precisely to avoid hassle. But I’m afraid it’s either this or we have to make do with the dodgy feed that won’t update.

Here is the new URL for the RSS feed: http://doctorvee.co.uk/feed/

The Feedburner feed will, for the time being, redirect to the new one. But it will disappear completely in 30 days. So make sure you have subscribed using the URL above. Thanks, and sorry for the hassle.


  1. Come on now young man, back to blogging because you’re very good at it. Hey if I can struggle along anyone can. Bite the bullet Duncan, it’s nearly warm weather πŸ™‚

  2. Ah. Is it linked to Google moving all the Feedburner feeds to feedproxy? Did you do the thingy they got us all to do a month or so ago?

    Mehβ€”is the Yahoo pipe still working? I know you moved the F1 stuff off anyway, but that’s the feed I’ve been using for ages (of course, you could just install a cross poster and syndicate your stuff to LJ directly anyway, it’s back into growth territory for users now).

  3. Ah Mat, I published comment #3 before I saw you’d posted yours.

    I don’t think it’s anything to do with the Google move to feedproxy. I did that a while ago with no problems. Mind you, something did happen to the vee8 feed some weeks after — but I sorted that with the internet equivalent of bashing the television. No amount of bashing the television sorted this one out though. πŸ™

    Good point about the F1-free feed which I hadn’t thought about. It was using the Feedburner feed, but I’ve just edited it now, so it should continue working, even if it’s a little bit redundant now. πŸ™‚

    Tell me about syndicating to LJ. How is that different to what is happening now?

  4. There’s a plugin for WP that allows your posts to here be directly posted to a proper LJ account there immediately. It’s better because you can turn off comments, is immediate and doesn’t rely on LJs flaky feed support, and also means that if you comment on an LJ blog you can do so with a proper account that looks active to an LJer.

    A lot of LJ users are looking beyond that insular little world now. Others aren’t, but they’ll follow links and read stuff–it’s essentially a better way of doing it that might let you pick up readers.

    Now that, for example, The Independent is using LJ for all its blogging and commenting, having an LJ account is increasingly useful–just as most of us still have a Blogger account, etc.

    I’ll see if I can dig the link out, I’ve been meaning to plug it for ages. Trust me to finally start just as the promising looking LJ fork is close to open Beta…