*IMPORTANT notice for RSS subscribers*

Here is the new URL for the RSS feed: http://vee8.doctorvee.co.uk/feed/

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted here for several days. All is quite in the world of F1 just now, and in the meantime I’ve been grappling with a problem with this blog’s RSS feed. No new posts had published to the RSS feed since 4 April. This seems to have been a problem with Feedburner, the third party RSS feed provider. Given that the service seems to be suffering from a great deal of reliability problems at the moment, I have decided to ditch the service.

Unfortunately, this means that the URL for the RSS feed will be changing. Feedburner should be redirecting to the new address for the next 30 days, but after that the Feedburner account will disappear completely.

I’m afraid this means that you will have to resubscribe the vee8 using the new address. I hate to make my loyal readers jump through hoops, but I’ve been badly let down by Feedburner. This has not just affected vee8 — it has affected all four of my blogs, which is a complete pain in the neck.

Here is the new URL for the RSS feed: http://vee8.doctorvee.co.uk/feed/

Thanks for continuing to read, and I’ll have a new post up tomorrow.


  1. Still not sure why people keeping using Feedburner. They present very old cached versions to any aggregator and Google give practically zero support.
    I’ve been moaning for over 6 months, but people still blame my software/code.

  2. Thanks for the comments Ryan and Kaushal. It is odd that all of the problems have developed since Google bought it, but it appears to be the case. Feedburner is now just too unreliable.