Contributing to F1 Fanatic

When I asked readers for feedback on how vee8 should develop in the future, N left a comment saying:

I hope to see your posts somewhere else, preferably F1 Fanatic.

I’m delighted to say that I will be contributing more to F1 Fanatic in the future. It was an honour to be invited by Keith to contribute more regularly, as F1 Fanatic is in my view the best F1 blog around.

By no means is this the end of vee8. I still plan on publishing the majority of my posts here. But I will now post a bit more often at F1 Fanatic. I plan on writing about one or two posts per month there. I’ll find a way to highlight it here whenever I have a new post up there, but in the meantime you can find everything I write for F1 Fanatic at this URL.

My latest post is an overview of KERS that I have been meaning to get off my chest for months now. Already the debate is fascinating and diverse. So many people are making such good points.

This is a good time to mention that vee8 will also be running the F1 Fanatic liveblogs as last year. I can’t wait to get stuck in — less than 12 hours to go! 😀

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