A new blog for Scotweb2

As you may know, one of the many plates I am currently spinning is my involvement in Scotweb2.

Alex Stobart wanted Scotweb2 to have a blog, and he asked me to build it. Here it is. It has a gradient and everything.

There is not much there for the time being. But over time it will be fleshed out. We plan on it being a place where people can learn about interesting uses of web technologies from government, business, the third sector, or indeed any organisation.

In the spirit of web 2.0, in the long term we will be offering people the chance to suggest their own ideas to be featured on the blog, possibly by writing for the blog themselves. So if you have an interest in web 2.0 and the way it is used in Scotland, keep an eye on the Scotweb2 blog.