Fresh madness from Formula Two

It isn’t just Formula 1 that is struggling to come up with any rules that are vaguely sane. More details about the Del Boy FIA Formula Two scheme have emerged today. And I have to conclude that everyone in charge of motor sport is absolutely stark raving bonkers.

After the bullshit history lesson (the Del Boy Formula Two series will have only the scarcest resemblance to the original Formula 2 championship. In fact, the only thing it really shares is a name, so why they waste their time telling us about all that history of real F2 goodness only knows) we are told about all of the gimmicky bells and whistles the cars will be equipped with.

And it’s a who’s who of bad ideas that most F1 fans want avoided like the plague. Such as the silly old power boost button, which will ensure that all overtaking is made not as a result of true driver skill but as a result of a temporary artificial increase in engine power. And before any wise guys come along and tell me about the rich history of the boost button, let me make clear that it is the fact that each driver is limited to ten boosts per race that I object to.

But we are used to all that sort of nonsense from the likes of A1GP and whatever else. But this is the part that really has me throwing up my arms in disbelief.

The second race will feature a mandatory ten-second pit-stop – again intended to accustom drivers to the skills they will require in F1 – but with no tyre change or re-fuelling, the ability of pit crews to impact upon the eventual result is largely eradicated.

Huh??? Have they even thought through what that means. This isn’t a pit stop. This is just giving every driver a ten second stop–go penalty every race. What is that all about? Do they really think people will be interested in watching people park their car for ten seconds every race? If I wanted to watch cars parking, I would go to Tesco.

Pit stops are all about thinking, “oh my tyres are wearing out now — will it be worth me making a pit stop to change them?” Or, “I’ll go lighter on fuel at the start to try and build up a gap.” A pit stop is supposed to be about making a strategic gamble and seeing how it works out. What is the point to a pit stop where you can’t change anything on your car? How is that supposed to “accustom drivers to the skills they will require in F1”?

Formula Two is already a mickey mouse category that offends proper motor racing sensibilities.


  1. Is this really the best Max can come up with with this supposedly competing against Bernie’s GP2? He’s completely lost the plot indeed.

    I’ll be surprised if it ever lasts more than two seasons…