September 2008

The return of Hamilton’s impatience

I have been so busy that I have not yet properly turned my attention to many of the notable events of the Italian Grand Prix. Apart from Sebastian Vettel, the star of the show was probably Lewis Hamilton. He was severely compromised by  yet another odd McLaren tyre strategy call. Hamilton took a risk that […]

McLaren appeal ruled inadmissible

The FIA Court of Appeal today rejected McLaren’s appeal of the stewards’ decision to penalise Lewis Hamilton after the Belgian Grand Prix. This was precisely the outcome that I (and, I guess, most others) expected. So I assume we won’t see the same kind of fall-out that came when the penalty was originally handed out. […]

Is ITV actually run by numbskulls?

One new facility that F1 fans have this year is ITV’s new Catchup service which allows you to watch ITV broadcasts of Formula 1 for 30 days after their original transmission. It’s great if you want to watch a race again or if you missed the race for some reason. My brother (who sometimes writes […]

Will all twenty drivers see out the season?

With just four races of the season left to go, none of the ten teams left in the championship has made a change to their driver line-up. No teams show any sign of ditching their drivers any time soon. Earlier on in the season there were rumours that Renault were losing patience with Nelsinho Piquet. […]

Are there now too many feeder series?

I will turn my attention to the Italian and Belgian Grands Prix later this week. But over the past couple of days a lot more information has come out on the new Formula Two series. It has got me thinking. I was one of many who was really sceptical about the Formula Two idea when […]

Forza Minardi! Bravo Sebastian!

After the controversy of Spa, which I described at the time as being among the darkest days of F1, the Italian Grand Prix has provided the sport with its best day for a very long time. It’s the good news story F1 craved. Sebastian Vettel has become the youngest ever Grand Prix winner at a […]

Liveblog: Italian Grand Prix

It has been a bumper weekend of liveblogging and my typing fingers are pretty tired now! But we’ve still got the big one to go — the Italian Grand Prix. Before getting into the liveblog spiel, this is a good place to bring your attention to a nice new place to hang out before the […]

Liveblog: Italian GP2 Sprint Race

It’s an early start for a Sunday, but for the final race of the GP2 season it’s worth it. The liveblog will start at approximately 0915 UK time (apologies if it’s late!!) with the race due to start at 0930.

Liveblog: Italian GP2 Feature Race

As you may already have seen, for one race only I am experimenting with liveblogging the GP2 action in addition to the F1 action. Keith from F1 Fanatic and Maximum Motorsport has kindly agreed to help me out with moderation duties as I’m going to be a very busy chap. Monza is the last meeting […]

Liveblog: Italian Qualifying

It’s a hectic day. Saturday Practice has just finished and now it’s already time for Qualifying. Then straight after that it will be time for the GP2 liveblog! But now it’s time to focus on quali and the F1 Fanatic liveblog. Remember to check the F1 Fanatic FAQ if you have any questions about watching […]