Liveblog: Singapore Practice

This is a big moment in Formula 1 history as we are about to see for the first time an official Formula 1 session held after sunset! The Singapore Grand Prix will be Formula 1’s first night race and the action starts with Friday Practice 1.

Thanks to the jazzy time malarkey, Friday Practice 1 is at a much more hospitable hour than usual — 12 noon British time. Friday Practice 2 begins at 1430. Saturday Practice is at 12 noon.

There are some important changes to the F1 Fanatic liveblogs for this weekend. The moderators have all agreed that the concept has become a victim of its own success. It was becoming far too noisy with several conversations going on at once, many of which were completely off topic.

So from this weekend onwards we will try to keep the discussion on-topic and readers can no longer expect all of their comments to be published. Remember, if you want to talk about something there are plenty of blogs and forums where you can do it. The liveblog is where we want to talk about the live action. You can read the full details of the changes over at F1 Fanatic.

Saturday Practice

Friday Practice 2

Friday Practice 1

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