September 2008

BBC 2009 F1 commentary team confirmed

This morning Pitpass has a scoop that reveals details of the BBC’s team that will be covering Formula 1 next season. The names mentioned are Martin Brundle (the only person to move from ITV), David Coulthard, Jonathan Legard, Lee McKenzie and Jake Humphrey. Some of the names are not connected to any roles, but it […]

Alonso takes surprise victory in a hard-fought season

Well thankfully the predicted procession around the streets of Singapore failed to come and instead we were treated to an action-packed race. Okay, so it needed a couple of crashes, safety car periods and another calamitous weekend from Ferrari to make it so, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I’m just glad it wasn’t […]

Liveblog: Singapore Grand Prix

The first ever Formula 1 night race promises to be a spectacle, even if we do not expect there to be much overtaking. I won’t be able to participate in the liveblog as much as normal for this grand prix, but I will probably still drop in from time to time. The usual stuff applies. […]

Liveblog: Singapore Practice

This is a big moment in Formula 1 history as we are about to see for the first time an official Formula 1 session held after sunset! The Singapore Grand Prix will be Formula 1’s first night race and the action starts with Friday Practice 1. Thanks to the jazzy time malarkey, Friday Practice 1 […]

From the vaults: Old F1 magazines

Okay, so it’s not from the vaults, it’s from my attic. I just happened to mention in passing to “me” from Sidepodcast on Identica the short-lived F1 magazine GPX. He asked me to upload it so that he could see what it was like, so I took photos of the two issues of GPX I […]

Policies from Un-America

I don’t know whether or not the proposed bailout in the USA is a good idea. But it does amuse me that one of the more widely-quoted arguments against the bailout is Senator Jim Bunning’s view that it would be “un-American”. It’s another aspect of American politics that I find to be a turn-off. That’s […]

Unwanted phone calls

I’m quite glad that the Lib Dems have been told off for their cold calling stunt. It’s difficult to imagine quite what was going through their minds when they came up with that one. I am no fan of telephones at the best of times. In fact, I come close to detesting the things. Mike […]

Losing the blogging mojo

It’s not great. Technically, I’m still a bum — but I don’t have the time to blog? Something is wrong. I guess this is all to do with that theory. If you have a demanding full-time job, go to night college, look after kids and do all the shopping and you have to do something, […]

Final thoughts on the GP2 season

Another thing I haven’t got round to writing about yet is the climax of the GP2 season which happened in Monza. As it was, Giorgio “Pants” Pantano took the championship with a sprint race to spare. He had a commanding lead in the championship for a long time running up to Monza, so that was […]