London 2012 will be okay after all

Well after the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony was deemed to be impressive (apparently), it was hard to escape the self-pitying among Brits. “You just know ours will be rubbish compared to this.”

Well it transpires that London 2012 will be okay after all. Just a day after it emerged that fireworks were faked for the television audience, it has been revealed that a pretty singer was actually miming. Apparently the girl who actually did sing munted a bit was not as flawless.

This is great news for the Brits! Because if there is one thing our media excels at (except for ridiculous hyperbole and a breathtaking disregard for privacy) it is fakery. All we need to do now is put Ant and Dec in charge of the fireworks and Liz Kershaw in charge of the music. Shoehorn in a premium rate phone-in competition somewhere and it will be brilliant.


  1. Oh, you can’t blame them for wanting to put on a spectacular show. I’d have probably been a bit pissed off if I’d forked out to fly there and watch the ceremony in the flesh, but I’m rapidly losing the ability to distinguish between reality and CGI (blame failing sanity and eyesight) on the telly anyway – so I can’t say that I felt particularly conned.

  2. Yeah, I’m not really criticising them for faking bits of it because as you say just about everything of this nature is faked in some way. It’s hardly a new thing either. Remember Diana Ross making the goals collapse even when she completely missed?

    And you’re right about CGI. I was actually talking about this to a friend today — there is hardly anything that isn’t touched by CGI, Photoshop or whatever these days. Now it seems so natural that we don’t even notice it any more.

  3. This made me blow water out of my nose – the Ant and Dec bit in particular. Good work, and good to meet you last night at the weirdo gathering.