Bloggy meetup in Edinburgh!

Just in case any readers here haven’t seen it, Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting has organised a little get-together for bloggers — and it’s happening tomorrow.

Despite the fact that I have been blogging for a slightly worrying six years, I have never met up with any other bloggers (except for those I knew anyway who happen to also blog). There have been a couple of close encounters in the past with two people, but no chit-chat was exchanged and I was totally oblivious both times. So this will be the first time I’ve met up and had a chat with any other bloggers.

I guess I will be the baby of the crew because I reckon everyone else that’s going is at least a few years older than I am. Believe it or not, this will also be the first time I have ever attended any event vaguely related to the Edinburgh Festival.

Here are the full details in case you’ve missed them. We meet at around 7pm at Udderbelly, Bristo Square, Edinburgh. Then we might go to see Britishness.

Check out SNP Tactical Voting for the full info.


  1. To save anyone using your blogging moniker Duncan, i’ll try and get there early and I’ll have a GREEN PUMA BAG ON THE TABLE.

    Looking forward to having a beer. Wonder what the topic of conversation will be….?