The 6 O’Clock News: “War? Not bothered”

So what was the top news story on Friday? Of course it was the Olympic opening ceremony. Doh! Silly me!

But what else was in the news that day? An output editor on the 6 O’Clock News BBC News at Six, Katy Searle, had a tough job picking a story.

So what else? The housing market and the strains of the credit crunch continue to claim a good slot on the Six. Today’s repossession figures are startling and on another day, could easily be our lead story.

For those of you who look beyond our shores, strong pictures of fierce fighting in the disputed region of South Ossetia will be explained and analysed. Not a natural story for the Six? With Russia threatening a robust response, it’s right to be in the show.

So apparently a war in Europe “not a natural story for the Six”. And on top of that Katy Searle feels the need to justify the possibility that the story will even be in the programme! That is despite the fact that this important story was listed behind the “credit crunch”, a “news” story that is now a year old. Jesus. Does the BBC really believe people are this stupid?

Do people tune in to the news to watch the news, or do they tune in to the news to watch highlights of a ponced-up dance routine which they can also catch earlier in the day, later in the day and on a relentless cycle on BBCi? Let me sit down and think about this!

It kind of sums up why the 6 O’Clock News has not been a bulletin to take seriously for several years now in my view. Of late is has been shaped to become the “news” for people who don’t actually want to know the news.


  1. “Of late is has been shaped to become the “news” for people who don’t actually want to know the news.”

    That’s News At Ten as was. Whatever time ITV show it now it’s incredible rubbish.

  2. The news headline of yesterday should have been obvious. The South Ossetia conflict even made it into the Beijing opening ceremony commentary (without apology but with some concern for the consequences), so how come it didn’t make a programme whose primary purpose is news is mystifying.

  3. BBC news has really gone downhill over the past decade. Channel 4 news is better if you want news of any import.

    However, sometimes – after a shit day at work, late trains, stupid people, bills and rain – the last thing you want to watch is doom and gloom.

  4. Given the way the news works these days, if you’ve had a bad day at work, you don’t really want to be watching the news anyway, since there’s a good chance they’ll find something depressing to headline with.