My top ten political blogs

Well it seems as though everyone else has been doing it, especially on the Scottish blogs. It’s all in aid of the 2008-9 Guide to Political Blogging in the UK by Iain Dale. He’s asking everyone to vote you see.

Last year, quite incredibly, this blog was named as the number 2 Scottish political blog thanks to Grant Thoms of Tartan Hero fame. Some will say that this blog is indeed a load of number 2, so the position is pretty apt. But I would be amazed if I repeated the feat this year.

So vote for me now! 😉

As a few other bloggers have done, I will reveal my top ten political blogs. If nothing else, it fills a bit of space here. You might also be interested in my recent post on ten excellent blogs.

It’s not easy choosing just ten great blogs — and choosing the order of them is even harder. But you probably know that. I tend to go through love / hate (or at least ‘love / indifferent’) relationships with most blogs. No doubt this list would look very different if I compiled it next week.

  1. Stumbling and Mumbling
  2. SNP Tactical Voting
  3. UK Polling Report
  4. Political Betting
  5. Mr Eugenides
  6. J. Arthur MacNumpty
  7. Ideas of Civilisation
  8. Holyrood Chronicles
  9. Freedom and Whisky
  10. Liberal England


  1. You know Stephen, you were very close to being in my top ten. In the first list of ten that I drew up from the top of my head you were there. But when I remembered Liberal England I had a tough choice to make. In the end I prefer Liberal England for the eclecticism.