Oh my goodness so many conflicting feelings

If you want to experience a proper rollercoaster of emotions, just watch an election in which you despise both of the main parties to hell.

Firstly, I apologise to the voters of Glasgow East for doubting their ability to vote for someone who wasn’t wearing a red rosette.

I was just flabbergasted to come in from a night out to hear them talking on the radio as if Labour had lost. And then came the declaration and it turned out that they had lost. Just unbelievable. If Labour lose a seat like Glasgow East then they really are in serious trouble. There really is no such thing as a safe Labour seat any more. You can forget it.

But will the SNP people stop saying that this was a contest between the Scottish Government and the UK Government. It was not. In Wesminster elections you vote on Westminster issues. People might have thought they were voting for the SNP Government, but only because people from the SNP and other politicos keep on misleading voters about it.

And if any London-types are calling this “Gordon Brown’s backyard” when I wake up in the morning, I am going to kick a brick wall. I know Scotland has plenty of wealthy lairds, but none of them are rich enough for the WHOLE COUNTRY to be their back yard.

I’m just watching the BBC’s coverage and Alex Salmond is actually unbearable. I have been actually shaking with rage (I swear the shaking is not to do with the drink) at the sheer smugness of that man. It amazes me that the SNP only ever do well when he is in charge of that party. What on earth do people see in him? Gordon Brown might be dour, but at least he is not a total arsehole!!

Final thought. I’d like Labour’s woes to continue until the General Election. I’d love for this to happen in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, even if it means the SNP winning. If nothing else, it would enable me to use the heading “They’ll be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight.”


  1. And if any London-types are calling this “Gordon Brown’s backyard” when I wake up in the morning, I am going to kick a brick wall.

    Hope you werent listening to Radio Scotland at about 07.30 this morning then. 🙂 The backyard thing pisses me off too. Glasow as Fife backyard??? yuh huh.

    Also, the word back yard is a bit American to me. I don’t have a back yard, I have a back garden.

  2. I genuinely couldn’t care less who won the thing last night, but was gutted this morning when I saw Mr Smug on the news which only confirmed that the SNP had triumphed.

    Good luck to them, if they really are the best party for the job, but please, please get rid of Salmond as I feel a deep urge to punch him whenever his face appears onscreen – and I’ve just got a new telly which I don’t really want to break any time soon.

  3. I vote Labour in elections, largely because my local MP is Dennis Skinner, who’s not only Old Labour (as distinct from New Labour), but actually some use in resolving local issues. However, I would much prefer the Liberal Democrats to run the UK, or indeed anyone other than Conservatives (the conservatives who know who they are) New Labour (the conservatives who don’t know who they are) or BNP (who I regard as borderline illegal in their phobia of anything that doesn’t fit their stereotypes).

  4. I managed to avoid the coverage on this based on my guess that I’d have to put up with Alex Salmond being a smug git on the television and radio coverage. Unfortunately the mere mention of the result brought those images and sounds to my mind immediately.