Nicola Sturgeon and whispering

In my previous post I asked, “Incidentally, how come Nicola Sturgeon always seems to be at the centre of these internet rumours come election time?”

A couple of days later someone submitted a comment (on a post that is over three and a half years old!) that contains the most outlandish rumour I have heard about Nicola Sturgeon yet. So outlandish that I’ve decided not to publish it. It’s not often I decide not to publish a comment, but given the nature of the comment I feel it’s best to be on the safe side!

I haven’t written this post to generate any kind of buzz or anything — I just don’t believe the comment and wouldn’t give it any credibility because I know it is untrue. A detail in the comment which must be incorrect gives it away.

Makes you wonder though. Given that just a few days previously I wrote about Nicola Sturgeon and rumours, I did wonder what she did to deserve this kind of whispering. Unlike the rumours I’d heard before, this comment felt more like a baseless nasty attack rather than relatively harmless tittle-tattle.

I’ve never heard these sorts of things being said about, say, Annabel Goldie or Wendy Alexander or any other vaguely high-profile Scottish politician — in terms of both the tittle-tattle and the more nasty thing. Does Nicola Sturgeon just upset a lot of people or what?


  1. You too?

    See my ETA postscript at . I received 3 anonymous comments on that post – each seeming potentially defamatory and hence deleted without publication by me. They were not all relating to any one politician – and covered more than one Scottish female politician.

    Some of my despair about this campaign stems from these comments, because they indicated to me that merely having “GLasgow East” in a post generated anonymous commenters (apparently with dynamic IP addresses) who were spreading gossip/unfounded rumours through whatever media they could find. The tone of some posts on the campaign around the blogosphere in Scotland has – I think – merely encouraged this.

    Best wishes


  2. Ah yes, I remember seeing that on your blog now Scott. I’ve not received anything quite like that. The comment left here was not anonymous — in fact it left a full name and location. I guess there’s nothing to say that it was truthful though.