Liveblog: German Practice

Hi everyone! This is my first attempt at running a liveblog myself. I was going to contact Keith about doing these Friday liveblogs like I did a couple of races ago, but I think I was too late contacting him. Also, in fairness, it is a bit complicated making him take time off work so that he can start and end the liveblog when I can do it all myself.

So I’m going to give this a shot. Of course, since it’s not being advertised on F1Fanatic it will probably be used by no-one! But please feel free to join in if you wish — liveblogs for Friday Practice 1 and 2. The other liveblogs this weekend (i.e. Saturday Practice onwards) will be run by Keith of F1Fanatic as normal.

Friday Practice 1


Friday Practice 2

Saturday Practice

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