June 2008

An explanation for the quietness

Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting took the baton from me and listed his top 10 blogs (although unlike me, he concentrated just on Scottish political blogs). In the process, he accused this place of having “a scarcity of posts of late”. Guilty as charged. A number of elements have conspired against me when it comes […]

More surprises sprung in Canada

This is a continuation of my Canadian Grand Prix report. See yesterday’s post for the first part. It was not just BMW who sprung a major surprise at the Canadian Grand Prix. David Coulthard put in an excellent performance to gain the third spot on the podium. It has come at just the right time […]

BMW Sauber grab historic 1-2 while Hamilton slips up

Wow, what another incredible race! This year’s Canadian Grand Prix was always going to be exciting. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve usually provides excitement and unpredictability and pre-race reports of the possibility of rain threatened to add even more uncertainty into the mix. Then when the circuit started breaking up even more than normal during qualifying, […]

Liveblog: Canadian Grand Prix

All set for the Canadian Grand Prix. This looks set to be an interesting race, but there are worries about the tarmac breaking up on the circuit. There will be a lot to keep on top of. All the more reason to get involved in the liveblog. I will also be updating Twitter. Visit F1Fanatic […]

Liveblog: Canadian Qualifying

Here is the liveblog for today’s qualifying session. Unfortunately I won’t be around to take part because I will be at work. 🙁 However, do feel free to take part below. Visit F1Fanatic for the FAQ and other bits and pieces.

Thoughts on Max Mosley and the FIA (at last)

First of all, I suppose it should not be a surprise that Max Mosley won his vote of confidence. He would never have called it if he did not think he was able to win. But the margin of the victory did take me by surprise somewhat. But if the vote was designed to assert […]

links for 2008-06-06

Raikkonen undecided on F1 future – BBC SPORT “Kimi Raikkonen says he does not know what his future holds after the end of his current Ferrari contract, but he is unlikely to drive for any other team.” (tags: KimiRäikkönen) Ecclestone renews call for Mosley to stand down – pitpass “What many people don’t understand is […]

Yet more downtime…

If you tried to visit here on Monday evening, Tuesday, or Wednesday morning, you might well have noticed that once again this site was down. This time it was due to a different matter. Hopefully this has been resolved so that there won’t be any more of these shenanigans. Typical, though, that the downtime should […]

An explanation for the lack of updates

The truth is, since my exams finished I’ve been concentrating more on relaxing than anything else. Also, if you tried to visit on Sunday you will have been unsuccessful. That’s because a fire knocked out my host for around 36 hours. All back to normal now though, phew. However, the Sunday downtime has meant that […]

Hello? Is this thing on?

I’ve you’ve been trying to visit any of my websites for the past 36 hours or so, you will have been out of luck. It was all the fault of an exploding transformer (that’s the last time I call Optimus Prime ugly, boom boom). In that sense, I suppose I can be lucky that no […]