The silly thing with the gown and stuff

There has not been much blogging this week because I have been quite busy. Part of that is because my next post is another epic rant unfortunately (looking like 2,000 words plus at the moment). But most of the time has been spent on preparation for the silly thing with the gown and stuff which happens tomorrow morning.

I have managed to go through my entire time as a student without complaining about debt or money issues. But just as I get to the end of this whole academic journey I have been tipped over the edge. I honestly cannot believe how much money I have had to spend on this nonsense. I don’t like dressing up at all (I think it’s quite pretentious, even on special occasions) so I’m buying all of these smart clothes for the first time. I haven’t got the calculator out, but I reckon it must be well over the £200 mark by now. What a load of fuss over 90 minutes! I bet you I will never find another use for that white bow tie…

Anyway, thanks to the wonders of modern technology my graduation ceremony will be broadcast live on the internets (Windows Meeja required). Will I trip up? Will my trousers fall down? Will my hair catch fire? Tune in to find out!


  1. Firstly, yay, because after tomorrow you never need to go to that place ever again! Seriously jealous.

    Secondly, my advice to you is to not be a complete Yahtwat who gets in the way of people going to to the doctors in Bristo Square; I nearly smacked some people on Tuesday (I’m not sure if you can be a Yahtwat if you’re from Kirkcaldy, but still, should you wake up tomorrow and discover you’re from Hertfordshire and your Daddy is a banker, heed my advice. Ill people get angry.)

    Thirdly, they are broadcasting live on the internet? Do we need any more evidence that the uni is run solely for the money of foreign students? Could they not have used the money to, oh, I don’t know, make more than six books available in the library at the moment?!

    Good luck, and enjoy your (very expensive) leap into the big wide world. Any ideas on what your next step is?

  2. Thanks!

    As for the next step, not idea yet! Lots of thinking for the time being, but I haven’t got beyond that stage yet. 🙁

  3. Congratulations.

    I nearly managed to avoid my graduation some years ago – until my parents started questioning me about it. My explanation that it’s just a bit of paper didn’t wash. They made me go and my revenge such as it was – was to look bored (not difficult) and to – as my sister pointed out – look as if I was either about to punch the photographer or say something sarcastic in my graduation photo.

    If you view it as “It’s not for me, it’s for other people” it’s much more tolerable – and as a lecturer for 10 years I am proud to have managed to avoid every graduation – even being genuinely ill when given a 3 line whip by the big bosses one year.

    PS I still have the white bow tie I was forced to acquire. I have never worn it since, nor indeed any other bow tie. I trust such waste is dealt with in Scottish government waste strategies 😉

    HAve fun,