Liveblog: French Practice

Ah, France. The country that invented motor racing. What a shame Magny-Cours is such a terrible circuit that gives us boring races. Oh well, you never know what will happen in F1, even at a boring circuit so we will all tune in as always.

For the first time in a while, there will be liveblogs on Friday as well. I have a bit of spare time at the moment and the last time at Canada I watched practice on my own and it was quite boring. There is of course Sidepodcast, but although they do a great job I don’t like having to refresh all the time. I much prefer the CoverItLive system.

So for those of us who prefer the F1Fanatic option of live commenting, I have offered to run the liveblogs for Friday Practice 1 and 2. So this is an advance notice. Do join in — I don’t want to be on my own!

Those of you in the UK, remember that you can watch a live video feed of FOM’s coverage of practice at the ITV website here. If you want commentary, tune in to Radio 5 Live Sports Extra.

If you have any other queries, check out the FAQ at F1Fanatic.

Click below to participate in the practice liveblogs.

Friday Practice 1

Note: If you’re having problems with this embedded version, you may have better luck clicking here to open it in its own browser window.

Friday Practice 2

Saturday Practice


  1. i’m with you on the refresh issue vee, and we have a solution for that, it just needs a bit more work.

    the thing that bugs me about cover-it, and all the other live blog solutions that existed last year – like the ones and use – is that it breaks the conversation.

    with standard blog commenting, i like that i can say:

    “check out the cool thing that was said by steve during the spanish gp:”

    and people can find it and google will index it and it “exists”. whereas any plugin solution simply swallows anything you throw into it.

    if we can solve the refresh issue (and it’s only a question of time), i think it’s a much better, future proof system.

    what happenes to all your hard work when cover-it goes bust (only a matter of time… have you seen their business model)?

  2. by the way… we also looked into the idea of twitter “live blogging”, as that exhibited the same benefits as wordpress commenting.

    it also has the added bonus of being decentralised, but sadly twitter isn’t stable enough and we’ve given up with it for the time being.