Ten excellent blogs

Several weeks ago Shane Richmond of the Telegraph included this among ten excellent blogs.

This is a meme which means I have been tagged. I didn’t do it at the time because I was busy dealing with the best laxative nature has to offer, exams. It’s quite convenient though because I’ve been meaning to point out some of my favourite blogs for years now but I have never got round to it. This is the perfect opportunity.

So here, belatedly, are ten blogs which I think are excellent, presented in no particular order except for the alphabetical one. These aren’t necessarily my ten favourite blogs, but they are the ones I felt like writing about.

  • currybetdotnet

    It’s always interesting to read Martin Belam’s take on elements of web design. Everyone responsible for designing news websites should take heed of his analysis.

  • F1Fanatic

    The best F1 blog going. I am always amazed by the amount Keith Collantine manages to post, even in the slowest of F1 news weeks. The quality is top notch as well, and I’ve noticed recently that some big hitting F1 news sites have been behind F1Fanatic once or twice as well. The comments are also often a good read. A must for all F1 fans.

  • Freedom and Whisky

    This blog about politics and life in Scotland is well worth a read. David Farrer genuinely knows his libertarianism and is not just riding on the bandwagon since it became more fashionable. So it’s always interesting to read his perspective.

  • James O’Malley… Living Legend

    James O’Malley: blogger, winner of an episode of The Weakest Link, columnist for the Northamptonshire Herald & Post and all-round Living Legend. He has his own Facebook fan page for crying out loud. He does deserve the plaudits. This is a man who exposed the Coke habit that so many MPs have. I also couldn’t stop laughing at his review of The God Delusion.

  • Pigeon Blog

    A blog written by the slightly bad-tempered Brian Pigeon as he makes his way through life in bustling London. Very amusing.

  • Sleevage

    A beautifully designed blog about beautiful (and sometimes not-so-beautiful) album artwork. A must read for fans of music and album artwork.

  • Sniff Petrol

    A hilarious Formula 1 / motoring humour site. I can’t get enough of Crazy Dave Coulthard, and laughed like a drain when I read about Michael Schumacher’s latest blocking tactics.

  • SNP Tactical Voting

    I would say this has become one of the best Scottish political blogs going — despite the fact that Jeff is an SNP supporter! He’s always there with some thoughtful opinions on the political stories of the day. Gone a bit quiet over the past week though. I hope this is temporary!

  • spEak You’re bRanes

    A blog dedicated to ridiculing the more knuckle-dragging comments found on websites like the BBC’s Have Your Say.

  • Stumbling and Mumbling

    A fascinating blog by Chris Dillow. An economist’s take on current events that often makes you look at issues from an angle you perhaps did not expect.


  1. I’ll be honest, I only read one of those blogs. Speak your Branes (can’t be arsed with the capitalising). It’s one of the funniest blogs started this year. It’s hard to believe people think like that!

  2. Thanks for the very kind words! In return I should add that Doctorvee is the only blog I respect enough to buy a CD based on its recommendation.

    Love the spEak You’re bRanes link btw!

  3. Very, very kind of you good Sir.

    My absence was merely due to a trip to Sweden where a pair of F1 tickets as a birthday present (after some awesome guidance from your good self on where’s best to sit at the track) went down very, very well indeed. So a double thanks is in order!

    I have a list of 5 blog topics top get through this week so i’ll be back to my post-a-day rate before too long…

  4. My pleasure Jeff. Glad to hear you’re back, and glad that the F1 tickets went down well!

    Thanks as well Keith.