Liveblog: Turkish Practice

You can’t have failed to have noticed that I am on a rather extended hiatus now. I have loads I’d like to say as always, but I don’t have the time to type out or even mull over my thoughts — just enough time for the pithy comments I’ve been writing in the link posts and Twitter updates. The reason for this is that I’m sitting my exams at the moment. It all finishes this Friday though. Hooray!

Even when my academic results hang in the balance though, I can’t bear to stay away from the grand prix itself so I will be participating as always in F1Fanatic’s liveblogs this weekend. Here is the first for Saturday Practice which will begin at 9am UK time. Click below to participate.


  1. Good luck in your exams, doctorvee. I’ve got Spanish listening, writing and reading exams a week on Monday, followed by Text Processing the day after – revision and F1 do not necessarily go together particularly well…

  2. The point of the Spanish listening is to check whether I can understand what Spaniards are saying to me. Doesn’t necessarily imply that the Spaniard in the conversation is listening (but then I’ve found lots of English people don’t listen when I talk to them either!)