May 2008

Why the Eurovision bloc voting theory is bogus

How Terry Wogan sees Europe So, yet another Eurovision Song Contest, and get another round of chest-beating and sour grapes from people who think that the reason the UK came last was because of a Europe-wide conspiracy against us and in favour of any of those commies to the east. Every year the protests seem […]

Kubica excels, but where is Kimi?

Well thank goodness for that — the second good race in a row. Just what the doctor ordered to let us forget about all the politics going on in F1 at the moment. So where to start? First of all, hats off to Lewis Hamilton who drove a great race despite banging into the barrier […]

Liveblog: Monaco Grand Prix

Liveblog time. For the FAQ, visit F1Fanatic. To open the liveblog in its own window, click here. I’ll also be updating Twitter throughout the race.

Liveblog: Monaco Qualifying

This is the big one. Since overtaking is so difficult at Monaco, qualifying is all important. So participate in the liveblog to keep up with all the action. The liveblog is due to start at around noon GMT. Click below to participate in the liveblog, or click here to open it in its own window. […]

Liveblog: Monaco Practice

All set for Monaco! Remember that at Monaco Saturdays are often better than the race itself, so this is the place to be — certainly for qualifying anyway. I’m not sure if I’ll be around for the practice liveblog myself. ITV in their infinite wisdom have scheduled the GP2 programme (showing yesterday’s Feature Race) to […]

Bernie and Max are penpals!

I always had a little suspicion in the back of my mind that Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley didn’t quite see eye-to-eye as they’d have us believe. The 2005 United States Grand Prix was a case in point. Bernie Ecclestone — of course — wanted the race to go ahead in a way that would […]

The teams with one driver

A month ago Mark Webber said, “We have two drivers. Williams and Renault have only one.” Since then it has become clear that Webber’s own team is another with just one driver. And following the Turkish Grand Prix, Mike Gascoyne speaking on the Inside Line podcast added Toyota and Honda to the list of “one […]

links for 2008-05-20

F1 DADS – More Intelligent Life Article about the role of fathers in the career of an F1 driver – complete with a mention of F1Fanatic! (tags: fathers LewisHamilton AnthonyHamilton) Croft and Chiles to lead BBC F1 coverage? – pitpass Some rumours. David Croft is good. Adrian Chiles is okay. Not sure about Top Gear […]

Three mysterious drivers

At last I have finished my exams so I now have more time to post. There is a huge backlog of issues for me to get through, and I’m not sure if I’ll get through them all. I will attempt by condensing posts and including them as ‘mini posts’ in a series. These little sub-sections […]

Ten excellent blogs

Several weeks ago Shane Richmond of the Telegraph included this among ten excellent blogs. This is a meme which means I have been tagged. I didn’t do it at the time because I was busy dealing with the best laxative nature has to offer, exams. It’s quite convenient though because I’ve been meaning to point […]