March 2008

Convoluted qualifying needs to be cleared up

Yet again the qualifying rules have been tinkered with, and yet again the law of unintended consequences struck. This time round, the fact that drivers aren’t allowed to refuel after qualifying led to Nick Heidfeld on a quick lap being dangerously impeded by around half a dozen cars crawling around at a snail’s pace trying […]

Liveblog: Malaysian Qualifying

In what I imagine will become a regular feature here, I will again be participating in F1Fanatic’s liveblog below. Or launch it in a new browser window. Despite mixed reactions, I will be sticking with Twitter. A few people added me during the week, so we’ll see how it goes. But I will concentrate on […]

Participating in F1Fanatic’s live comments tonight

Last night I wrote about the different options for discussing the action with other fans as it happens. In the end, in addition to updating Twitter, I spent my time in the F1Fanatic live comments section. It was very busy trying to keep my eye on four different screens at once, but I really enjoyed […]

A reminder: vee8

I have already posted this, but I am mentioning it again as it’s the start of the new season and a lot of people may have missed the original post. If you are coming here looking for posts about Formula 1, then I should let you know that I have set up a separate F1 […]

What to call that funny bit on the BMW?

Having mulled over the various options, I opted to pop into the F1Fanatic live comments system for Saturday Practice. I found it very enjoyable, and would recommend it if you want to join for qualifying later tonight. A transcript of the Saturday practice chat is here. One discussion topic towards the end was what we […]

Keeping up with the debate as it happens

There is surely no better way to enjoy a grand prix than in the company of like-minded people. This year several websites and blogs are promising to offer “live comment” and chat facilities. F1Fanatic will be trying out a live comments system from tonight. Sidepodcast has also been running comment threads. is taking a […]

Predictions for 2008: the teams

Well, the teams have all now arrived in Melbourne. First practice gets under way at 11pm GMT this evening! How exciting! It also means that I have to rush to get my preview post written while there is still a point in making a prediction. I was hoping to write more predictions and hopes for […]

Australia and night races: why?

I have written before about the stick the Australian Grand Prix bosses are getting from all angles. Even since I wrote that post, Bernie Ecclestone’s demands have become ever more extreme. In particular, Mr Ecclestone’s current obsession with night races appears to have deepened. His comments suggest that he very much wants to have his […]