Participating in F1Fanatic’s live comments tonight

Last night I wrote about the different options for discussing the action with other fans as it happens. In the end, in addition to updating Twitter, I spent my time in the F1Fanatic live comments section. It was very busy trying to keep my eye on four different screens at once, but I really enjoyed it!

Tonight, along with Ollie from BlogF1, I will be helping out as a ‘producer’ of the live comments section. If you want to join in, you are very welcome to do so. Everything you need appears at the bottom of this post.

I’m not sure if this will work with me continuing to use Twitter as well. Last night was good, but it felt a bit lonely out there in Twitter-land. I will give it one more try tonight and see how my multi-tasking skills cope with it! Any views on whether I should stick with Twittering the race or not would be welcome.


  1. I looked at using Twitter when I first considered doing the Live Comments but I thought it was a bit niche for most people.

    Thanks again for agreeing to help out – looking forward to it and hope to see plenty of people there.

  2. Looking forward to the race and conversing with everyone. Although I have to admit age creeps up on me each year. Oddly enough, I can determine how much I age with each passing Australian Grand Prix by how I feel at the chequered flag. (Perceived) age doesn’t kill the passion though, can’t wait!

  3. I looked at Twitter because you were pushing it, Doctor, but couldn’t really see the point. I don’t want to know what Auntie Agnes is having for breakfast yet this is the kind of thing the blurb pushed at me. Made it seem an even more inconsequential app than Facebook.

    Most people just want something they can click on and be chucked into a room, as in Keith’s live comments thingy. Anything that requires registering or downloading some form of third party apparatus starts with a handicap, as far as I’m concerned.