What to call that funny bit on the BMW?

Having mulled over the various options, I opted to pop into the F1Fanatic live comments system for Saturday Practice. I found it very enjoyable, and would recommend it if you want to join for qualifying later tonight.

A transcript of the Saturday practice chat is here. One discussion topic towards the end was what we should call the funny aero bit that appears on the upper part of the nose cone of the BMW.

‘Moustache’ was a common name, but that could easily be confused with the high wings that joined onto the nose cone that Williams have been known to use. They were known as moustaches as well.

‘Horns’ is also problematic because that is the name of a common aerodynamic device that appears near the airbox.

When BMW (and, I seem to remember, Honda) ran similar — but straight — winglets on the nose cone, they were known as fins. But these look nothing like fins.

But I think I have come up with the answer. Look at the strange aerodynamic device for long enough and it becomes clear what the inspiration for it was — the Yorkshire Television chevron!

‘Chevron’ it is — in my mind at least. 😀

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  1. I went for the “handlebar moustache”, it blatantly is a handlebar moustache after all.

    Still I do see the problem you’re driving at. Though personally I think the problem lies with the Williams aero bit being named incorrectly.