A reminder: vee8

I have already posted this, but I am mentioning it again as it’s the start of the new season and a lot of people may have missed the original post.

If you are coming here looking for posts about Formula 1, then I should let you know that I have set up a separate F1 blog at vee8.

The same goes for Twitter and Delicious — F1 stuff is now completely separate.

For those of you who were using the non-F1 RSS feed for this blog, you can now go back to the normal feed if you want because this place is now an F1-free zone.

I’m quite quiet on this blog at the moment because it’s the start of the season so there is a lot of focus on the F1 stuff at the moment.


  1. Off topic and irrelevant, but I hear it’s your birthday chap. Many happy returns and all that gubbins.

    Take care.