Guest post on BlogF1

The F1 blogosphere (unlike many other blogospheres) is a really friendly place. Ollie White noted recently that it was a good day in the F1 blogosphere. But in my experience the F1 blogosphere is a nice fuzzy place anyway. This is typified by the number of guest posts you see. Right now two of the best blogs are running series of guest posts.

Over at F1Fanatic, Keith Collantine has invited some of F1’s best bloggers to predict what the big story of the 2008 season will be. Check out Clive’s and Ollie’s posts.

At the same time, Ollie himself has been running a series of guest posts about some of the driver pairings. Today it is my turn to appear with my article on the partnership between Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen at McLaren. The previous guest writers in the series are Christine from Sidepodcast and Clive from F1 Insight. Check out BlogF1 tomorrow to see who the next guest writer is.

Ollie reciprocated the favour by writing his own guest post here on vee8 about Fisichella and Sutil. As Ollie pointed out, the doors are open for anyone to contribute a post to vee8. Simply sign up and get writing!

The fuzzy feelings don’t end there. As Clive has outlined over at the excellent F1 Insight blog, a new F1 website has been launched. F1-Pitlane promises to feature articles from the best writers across the blogosphere. It looks really promising. I’m delighted that vee8 is in the blogroll as well, seeing as the blog is still really new and rough around the edges.

I’m really looking forward to the 2008 season, and being part of the great conversations we will no doubt be having over the coming months.


  1. Awww. Why couldn’t Hamilton and Alonso get along like us guys and gals, eh?

    *Makes mental note to tone down the blue on me Twitter page*