March 2008

What’s happening here

First things first. I have upgraded to WordPress 2.5. The new admin panel takes a bit of getting used to, and it is a little bit buggy for my liking. But then again that is probably because I am using so many plugins. For the first time I upgraded using the astonishing WordPress Automatic Upgrade […]

The Max Mosley allegations

It cannot have escaped your attention that yesterday The News of the World ran an extraordinary story about the FIA President Max Mosley. The paper has alleged that Mosley was involved in a “sick Nazi orgy with 5 hookers”. If the allegations are true, it could have big consequences in the political world of F1. […]

Bluffer’s guide — Part 1: basics of a race weekend

Throughout the season I am planning on writing various guides related to Formula 1. I have posted a couple already. The current plan is to publish them on Sundays between races. Ryan Morrison suggested that I should write a ‘bluffer’s guide’ to Formula 1. It fits in with the guide concept, so I’m going to […]

It’s official: vee8 is prestigious

Thanks to Juan H for politely reintroducing readers of Ed Gorman’s blog to my writing. Regarding some of the comments on the bias of British press, and Hamilton hype, I was happy to read this in a prestigious (I think it is in F1) non-Spanish blog on this subject, from Mr. Doctorvee (alis Duncan Stephen) […]

What to expect from the BBC’s F1 coverage

Having considered the past of ITV’s Formula 1 coverage, it is time to turn our attention to the future of the BBC’s F1 coverage. The first thing to point out is that, of course, just about everything is pure speculation for the time being. We have been given a few hints of what to expect […]

Hamilton, the British F1 media and bloggers

Just after the Malaysian Grand Prix, Negative Camber posted a couple of rants up over at Formula 1 Blog about the excuses that the British media were making for Lewis Hamilton after his mediocre showing. First of all, the media have used the fact that Hamilton was unable to drink water as a convenient explanation […]

A casual coffee lover’s review of the AeroPress

I like to think that it is a function of my age rather than my popularity that I got only one birthday present this year! If I stretch the concept a bit, it was announced on my birthday that Formula 1 coverage was moving back to the BBC. But not even I am egotistical enough […]

Don’t write Massa off so quickly

Before the season began, a lot of people — myself included — were shining the spotlight on Felipe Massa. “Without traction control, he will never survive,” we said. The first two races certainly appear to have vindicated that view. Certainly Massa’s spin in Australia was unequivocally down to his inability to feather the throttle while […]

A bit on the Side(podcast)

I have been moonlighting. I finally found a bit of time to send a voicemail to Sidepodcast and it’s in this week’s podcast. My message is in two parts. The first part in the ‘News and views’ chapter is an exclusive rant about Jean Todt, particularly the rumours surrounding the FIA Presidency. And his height. […]

Thoughts on Australia and Malaysia

Well I didn’t get a chance to post my thoughts on the Australian Grand Prix. The Malaysian Grand Prix came around so quickly. It’s a bit much to have back-to-back races straight after the off season — like being thrown in at the deep end. Anyway, it’s a good opportunity now for me to get […]