I have launched a new blog: vee8

You may know that for some time I have considered separating the Formula 1 content from this blog and posting it in a separate blog. I know that a lot of readers here are not very interested in Formula 1. And at times — particularly towards the end of an exciting season — this place becomes almost exclusively an F1 blog.

In the end I have decided that it would do no harm to set up a new blog. So I have gone ahead and launched it at vee8. Check out the introductory post here for a full explanation of my plans for the blog.

You won’t find me mentioning Formula 1 here very often from now on. So for the F1 fans among you, I encourage you to keep on reading here — but check out vee8 for my Formula 1 posts from now on.

1 comment

  1. It is a good move, since I am one of those readers that only drop by for F1. Unfortunately, I lack the appropriate context for understanding the rest of your posts…