Music not of 2007: three reissues

Well, last year I looked at some reissues as well, so I thought I’d do that this year as well. I wasn’t joking when I said I might not get this list finished until February. This is in alphabetical order.

Seefeel — Quique (Redux Edition)

This is nice. This forgotten shoegaze / techno crossover classic got a re-release for seemingly no particular reason. Not even an anniversary. If they’d waited until 2008 they could have done it for the fifteenth anniversary. I guess that for whatever reason they felt like the time was right to reissue it last year.

Scottish readers may be wondering, and I can confirm — this album’s title rhymes with ‘keech’. But the music itself is anything but.

This ‘redux’ edition comes with a full second CD of lost extra goodies. Tracks that inexplicably never made an album as well as alternate versions and remixes come included. My particular favourite — of both discs — is ‘Clique’. Why did this not make the album? It should have been a single!

Quique has a gentle ambient approach, like a wall or ocean of sound. I personally prefer the heavier, darker, more industrial sound of their follow-up, Succour. But Quique is nevertheless a fine album, and I’m happy to have picked up this double disc joy.

The Knife — Silent Shout (Deluxe Edition)

I missed this one first time around. Wasn’t quite interested enough. But when it was re-released as a three disc package I went for it. Maybe I was right first time round.

It’s actually a fairly good album. There are some good tunes. But I was disappointed. Given the rave reviews the album got, I very much found it a damp squib. Good to listen to from time to time though.

Maybe part of the problem is that I already knew one of this album’s tracks quite well. For that reason it suffers from that problem where one song seems to tower over the rest of the album. Even knowledge of this problem hasn’t prevented me from feeling a bit disappointed though.

The new extra discs give me much the same feeling. One is a DVD of a concert performance (An Audio Visual Experience) and all of The Knife’s videos. The other is a CD with the audio of the concert performance.

On CD it sounds quite good. About the same standard of Silent Shout. But watch the DVD and it just looks a bit ridiculous. It is about as live as Princess Diana. The vocals seem to be live, but that other guy clearly doesn’t know what to do with himself. If somebody is making that music live, it certainly isn’t him.

I’d love to believe that waving a couple of ridiculous looking glowing sticks in a pseudo-rhythmic (and often not even in sync with the music) manner is making all of those sounds. But I get the feeling that that awesome instrument hasn’t been invented yet.

I know that live electronic music is a bit of a grey area. But seriously. I prefer the “look like you’re checking your email” approach. At least that is less pretentious.

I enjoyed the music videos though. I will probably check out some of their older stuff if I see it going cheap somewhere.

White Noise — An Electric Storm (digitally remastered)

Already this has become one of my favourite albums of electronic music. I am absolutely in awe of it. Having read about the techniques used to make it, and just the sheer fact that it was so visionary, I really think this ought to be more famous than it is.

I have already written a suitably gushing review of it. I had forgotten how long it was. All those words and not a single comment! Gah.

That’s yer lot. Incidentally, I have been linking to my original impressions of the albums I have been listing in this series. But there was also a post where I wrote about 12 of them — a kind of mid-year roundup. If you are interested, you can read it here. You will notice that I was actually near enough on time with that one. Ironic really, given how busy I was at the time…

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