Something new in the sidebar

If you look in the sidebar (just above the ‘blog info’ stuff that no-one cares about) you will see a little widget. It is the audio version of Matt Wardman’s Daily Roundup. It’s a bit like a paper review.

For a trial period he is testing it out on blog sidebars for a few weeks to see how it goes. I agreed to be part of the trial. Matt Wardman clearly puts a lot of effort into his blog, and he must put a great deal of effort into putting this podcast together every day.

That does mean that it’s recorded in a bit of a rush. And it’s early days yet so it does sound a bit rusty. But it’s certainly an interesting idea, and a good way to find out about some stories that might otherwise be missed by your radar.

As Matt says on today’s post:

I did the podcast as a single take this morning, which saved most of the editing time; the corollary is that I now need to do some work on breathing, pacing, articulation and continuity.

I estimated that it would take a couple of dozen podcasts before I was competing with Chris Vallance – the quality should be there or thereabouts by the end of the month.

Any comments on any aspect of the podcast are more than welcome.

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