An Easter egg on Freeview

This is interesting. We are used to the idea of Easter eggs (hidden extras) in DVDs and the like. But how could there be an Easter egg on television?

Unless you are like me, it is probably not very exciting. But if you miss those late nights in the company of Carole Hersee and Bubbles the Clown, then this is a treat. It is accessible in the vast majority of DTT / Freeview boxes, but some older ones won’t cope.

Here are the instructions:

  • Turn to the BBCi channel (i.e. channel 105)
  • Once the BBCi menu has loaded up, press YELLOW
  • Turn to a different channel (any channel will do)
  • Turn back to BBCi on 105
  • Once the BBCi menu has loaded up, press GREEN. The word “secret” should now display in the top-right of the screen
  • Wait for the “Status” page to appear
  • Press 3 3 5 8 2 RED GREEN YELLOW BLUE (33582 spells ‘delta’ on a phone keypad)
  • Wait a short while


Test Card W

It is probably used for engineering purposes, although it seems a bit odd that it has to be hidden away behind a code quite as convoluted as this. The “status” page is also tantalising and intriguing. The borders around the edge are ‘safe areas’ and it is possible to change your region. But the rest is a bit puzzling to me. But I suppose it would be given that it’s not designed to be seen by the like of me.

The full details are at Digital Spy.

Via deeteetee.

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