You’d think wind had only just been invented

Here is The Scotsman in full scaremongering mode.

METEOROLOGISTS last night said Scots will need to learn to live with the extreme weather and the chaos it has brought to the country over the past few days, as the unpredictable effects of climate change begin to bite.

A bit of wind? Can anyone seriously look at yesterday’s weather events and describe it as an outlier; some kind of new-fangled mystical event?

For once, the (initial) comments in the thread are sensible.


Has Scotland ever had anything else but bad weather?{especially in winter} I think after a few thousand years of bad weather we’re pretty much resigned to it by now and very much used to it….is this news? It’s a bit like a headline that says “Jings!Ice found in Iceland!!”


We never had bad weather in Scotland when I was a kid. It was all sunshine and magic love pixies. Damn this global warming!


These meteorolgists must be babes in nappies!

Now, I believe that climate change is happening and is a problem. But some people are clearly in the business of creating fear. If the slightest gust of wind or wee puddle is going to be blamed on climate change, people will stop believing that climate change is a problem or even exists at all.

I have written before about the fact that the slightest abnormal weather event is being blamed on climate change. I am beginning to see this sort of thing with increasing regularity. This has severe implications for the credibility of the “scientists” who lunge in, blaming everything on climate change with no data to prove it. Climate change is damn close to turning into a religion.

People are not bloody idiots. Keep a lid on it and tell us about the icecaps melting, not a pissy wee gale the like of which we see every year!


  1. Do you know, if it wasn’t for the shite weather I think I’d still be living in Edinburgh !

    And the only thing unpredictable about Scottish weather is whether it will be freezing, or bl*dy freezing. Now, if global warming would just heat the place up a bit, I’d consider moving back 😉

    As you say, nothing but a gratuitous headline to sell papers.

  2. Have to say it was particularly bad yesterday, especially if you ventured out around 7am as I had to. It’s the only time I’ve had to use my scarf to shield my face from the wind/rain/cold combo. And after reaching work we were sent home as the power was off due to the Cramond area flooding. Just as well we headed back before they closed the Forth Road Bridge completely.

  3. “credibility of the “scientists” who lunge in”

    The cash cow has to be kept alive at all costs and while there are plenty out there out fall for this rubbish the claims will become more outlandish.

    Can’t say I liked it yesterday when a couple pains of glass from a neighbours green house flew by my window just as I was about to leave the house.

  4. Yeah, I reckon we are feeling it more just because it happened to hit the central belt. But in previous years when the gales have hit islands it has killed people. Given that the wind came straight through the most populous areas of Scotland, we can count ourselves lucky that the worst that happened was the closure of the Forth Road Bridge.

  5. Worst thing that happened in the central belt was I had to leave my hat at home in case the 40kt winds were to whip if off my head at Dalmeny.

    A wee bit of wind and rain is hardly heralds the apocalypse…

  6. I can’t remember a single winter over the course of 12 years in Scotland that didn’t have some variation of gale force winds knocking down scores of chimney pots and trees.

  7. I have vivid memories of massive gales in Fife, growing up in the 60s. Across the road, almost 50 percent of the trees were blown over. I doubt that this is new. What we are seeing is climate change, which is just that. More extreme weather patterns and changing weather patterns. We could use some rain here.