A hair mishap

An accident I can’t stand barbers, so I normally cut my own hair. Usually I think I do a pretty good job, but I did a bit of a howler on Sunday.

I put the wrong attachment on the clipper. It was late at night; I did it really absent-mindedly because it’s usually such a routine. Of course, once you start you have to finish.

Quite a lot of hair came off — just in time for the wintry weather to truly come in. Brr! I’m going to have to take a hat everywhere with me now.

My hair hasn’t been this short for around three years, and truth be told it looks a bit silly. It is also really annoying because I was cultivating a good beard, but it looks ridiculous to have a beard that’s longer than your hair, especially if your beard is darker than your head hair.

What’s the moral of the story? Double-check the attachment? Make sure you don’t do it late at night? Just go to the damn barbers in future?