Scots are dizzy today. Everyone seems to believe that the Scotland football team will be able to beat the World Champions today.

Of course, it’s very possible. Scotland has a tendency to do well against stellar opposition. One of the earliest Scotland results I can remember is when they drew with the Netherlands in Euro 96. Since then they have beaten Germany and France… and they have probably held our own against other great teams that I have forgotten.

But we have also disgraced ourselves against the Faroe Islands. Our last game, against Georgia, was a disaster. There is also the small fact that we are Scotland.

In the pub yesterday, we were talking about predictions. Those who said Scotland would draw were dismissed as pessimists. I was the only one who said Scotland were going to lose. We are bound to lose given the amount of hype surrounding the build up.

If they lose, Scots will nevertheless be happy with what their football team has achieved. They have already done more than I predicted when the draw was made. To be flying this high in a group with three of the World Cup semi-finalists is great. But I think this fact has got people too exited over the slim prospect of beating Italy.

I don’t normally follow football that closely, which is probably just as well. I will be working when the match is on, so I will miss it. Probably just as well.

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  1. SFA can’t run a draw without a cockup but they have chosen wisely for the last two managers, here’s hoping others are taking notice.