British F1 media bias isn’t just about Hamilton

Spot the difference.

Oh yeah, ITV. And what about the other two? Oh wait, I forgot. They don’t count because they’re not British.

It makes me sick!


  1. ITV just report whatever they believe will interest their viewers, who are largely British. It’s not surprising that they give top-billing to British participants, that’s simply what their viewers are most interested in! Did you find the German media’s focus on Schumacher for the past 15 years similarly “sickening”?

  2. Well, yeah I did. Same goes for the mad Ferrari-love in Italy and (as I said here) Fernando Alonso in Spain. I always said I was just glad Schumacher wasn’t British so that I didn’t have to live with it all the time. Now I do.

  3. Why is Hamilton on the cover of F1 Racing this month? Admittedly there is a picture of Kimi as well, but it’s tiny in comparison!

    Also, in the article on how Kimi won the title they explain how Hamilton will come back better next year – what about Alonso, the BMW drivers etc?

    The Bish’s last issue – let’s hope the next editor is a little more even-handed.

  4. What better way is there to pass a quiet afternoon!?!

    I see he calls McLaren the best team in his little editorial introduction – hardly a surprise that is it?! I hope we aren’t destined to see his face splashed all over ITV’s coverage next year, I don’t think I could cope.