Notice for non-F1 fans

This is something that I mention over and over again, but it is a fact that one of the most common things people say about my blog is along the lines of, “Of course, I skip past all of the F1 posts.”

Those people would be doing a lot of skipping this weekend. The F1 season reaches its climax tomorrow, and the repercussions are sure to continue into the weeks ahead.

Just in time for the end of the season though (!) I have finally set up an RSS feed that contains none of the F1 posts! I created it using Yahoo! Pipes. Unfortunately, I can’t work out a way to make it a full feed. No matter what I try, it always comes out as a partial feed. This goes against my principle of being in favour of full feeds, but it’s better than nothing.

So if you like this blog but can’t stand F1, grab the doctorvee F1-free feed here.

I’ve been pondering this issue for at least a year now. There is still a bit of me that is tempted to completely remove the F1 content and create a separate F1 blog. I’m not too keen on the idea on the one hand. The F1 posts have become part of the character of the blog, and most importantly it would be a bit odd for my personal blog not to contain anything about one of my main interests.

I’m not sure a separate blog would be able to punch its weight either. It would be a bit difficult to justify setting up a separate blog if I am only going to post intermittently to it (my plan would be to post little, if any, more than what I already do).

Also, maintaining yet another blog would be rather time consuming. Imagine that — whenever a new version of WordPress came out, I would have to upgrade it for three blogs! Just the one is hassle enough.

However, come the start of next season I should hopefully have a bit more time on my hands. And I am still too proud of the ‘vee8’ name to let it go unused!


  1. I guess I’m not like most of your readers then, I say “Of course, I skip past all of the Scottish politics posts”. The F1 posts are my favourites.

  2. As one of those that does skip past the F1 posts, and also never did get around to subbing the partial feed, this solves two problems for me at once. I remain of the preference for partial feeds for my personal viewing, as I view feeds as an “oh, update” prompt for the most part, but full feedss are growing on me.

    Here’s hoping it keeps working. In the meantime, for those of us luddites that still use LiveJournal for our feedreading needs, dr_vee_f1_free.


  3. Once I read this post, I was going to make a comment almost exactly like that of lambic – I also skip all the Scottish politics posts – however when you start writing about the goings on in the Welsh Assembly… 😉

    2007 was the first year I really got into reading a few of the F1 blogs – mainly thanks to Ollie White over at BlogF1 – and it’s added a new dimension to the season for me – I don’t personally mind the F1 related content being intermixed with other stuff – maybe you should somehow have the vee8 domain pointing at a category index page – or maybe use a (shudder) cross posting tool to transfer posts tagged “F1” over to a wordpress install there.