A word on post ratings

I couple of months back I added a feature on this blog that lets you rate posts. I said at the time that I would have preferred a Reddit-style “thumbs up” / “thumbs down” system, but I had to make do with a 5 stars system.

Well, the plugin that I use now has a thumbs up / thumbs down feature, and I have decided to implement it. Unfortunately, this means that all of the old ratings data has gone. (I tried to convert the old ratings into +1 / -1 scores, but it proved too difficult.)

I would have stuck with the 5 stars system, but it had one major problem. If somebody gave an obscure post 5 stars, it would rush straight to the top of the “most popular posts” chart because it had the highest average score. This +1 / -1 system will help prevent this, as the score relies heavily on the number of votes cast, not just on the average.

Also, I should apologise because this blog is a little bit rough around the edges following the upgrade to WordPress 2.3. I still haven’t ironed out all of the problems. Just typical because today is a particularly busy day after the post below was linked to by the Telegraph twice.

(That first Telegraph article comes close to blaming me for the Hamilton investigation… Steady on! Errr, it was their fault, yeah!)


  1. I think the sport guys got a little carried away. I sent them a link to your blog because it was you that made me aware of the clip but they obviously didn’t notice your referral to sidepodcast.