October 2007

Battles on the BBC

I went to see Battles a couple of weeks back. I already wrote about it the first time I saw them, so I won’t go on and on about it. Full reviews of the gig by users are here and here. In my view, this performance was even better than the one at Glasgow. […]

British F1 media bias isn’t just about Hamilton

Spot the difference. Pitpass: Honda to test three hopefuls Autosport: Honda to give test to GP2 trio Honda to test young GP2 drivers ITV-F1: Honda to test Conway at Barcelona Oh yeah, ITV. And what about the other two? Oh wait, I forgot. They don’t count because they’re not British. It makes me sick!

That spinning woman again

A few weeks ago I blogged about a test that purported to tell you whether you are “right brained” or “left brained”. I have just spotted an update to this on the excellent Freakonomics blog. The smart thing is that they’ve actually done a rough and ready study of the results. In my original post […]

I won’t lose sleep over Google and adverts

Some bloggers are in a flap at the moment because Google has seemingly manually downgraded the PageRank of some websites. The reason appears to be that the websites in question sell paid links. Some of the websites in question are pretty big. Washington Post, Engadget, Weblog Tools Collection, Joystiq, Problogger. This blog also sells text […]

Is Scottish Roundup sexist?

And other questions about Scottish Roundup This week Scottish Roundup has come in for criticism from Slutty McWhore, who has basically accused the website of being sexist. There were other comments on last week’s roundup, which was written by Anne McLaughlin (aka Indygal). The Devil’s Kitchen added his thoughts on his blog. The other main […]

McLaren unreliability not to blame for Hamilton’s problem

Over the past couple of days there have been rumours that McLaren’s explanation for the sudden loss of drive in Lewis Hamilton’s car is not true. Seemingly, Lewis Hamilton actually let his finger slip on the steering wheel. Apparently he hit the ‘start’ button, which forced Hamilton into rebooting the system, a process which took […]

Nobody has confidence in the FIA

A full race review will come later. But I have to talk about the stewards’ investigation because it is so pressing. I was hoping — as was everyone else who loves sport — that the World Championship would be decided on the track. I was hoping that there would be no irregularities found after the […]

Interesting quote from Fernando Alonso

From the excellent Chequered Flag podcast. At that point [when I signed the contract] McLaren was one of my favourite teams from the past, in the history of Formula 1. At that point. From the past. History. Do you think perhaps Fernando Alonso doesn’t like McLaren any more? Okay, this is hardly a revelation. But […]