Careful now

Anyone who uses WordPress will know what an utter pain in the hole upgrading can be. It’s just a right old chore. And if something goes wrong, it really goes full-blown tits-up. Which is what just happened there.

I have not done an upgrade for a while, and I decided just to go for it. At 1am, past my bedtime (dohh!). To be honest, one of the reasons I upgraded was because it was acting up a bit anyway. In hindsight that wasn’t wise, because it was always just going to bugger everything up more.

And that is what happened. When I am using my lovingly hand-crafted design, something is up and I need to work out what it is. I have reverted to the default theme which is not ideal, but at least everything works at the moment. I’ll take another look tomorrow.

Update: Ah, well there we go. Stayed up a bit longer, and fixed the problems I knew of. Knowing my luck, there are loads more. So please accept my apologies if anything is broken. And please, please tell me if anything is broken!


  1. You’ll also have noticed that Ultimate Tag Warrior doesn’t work with the latest release of WordPress yet either.

    I’ve gone back and re-tagged the last month of posts on Up Your Ego as the new WordPress has its own tagging system.

  2. Ryan — yeah, it’s a bit of a bummer because UTW is a really good plugin. But WordPress tags look pretty good as well. It means, though, that the Related Posts bit has to go, which is a real bummer because that’s one of the main reasons I use tags. Hopefully a new plugin for that will come out soon.

    It was good of them to include importers for UTW and Bunny’s Technorati Tags as well. Now my tags go back to post 200-odd, rather than 1200-odd.

    But whenever I get some spare time I need to get them organised because I used two completely different methods for the two plugins. For this, Tag Managing Thing is indispensable.

    Also gone is the categories heatmap that went in the sidebar. Hopefully another plugin will come out that can do the trick, but I’m not sure I’ll miss it.

  3. I have only backup sites in WordPress but I notice Tim Worstall and others have gone over to it. What is WordPress doing? Are they making all the old WP sites redundant?