The FIA: Not only corrupt, but incompetent as well

The FIA (that’s short for Ferrari International Aid, in the words of Max Mosley himself!!) yesterday released transcripts of the World Motor Sport Council meeting where McLaren were fined one hundered meellion beellion treelion dollars about £15m.

The FIA promised that an confidential information would be removed from the documents before being published. Well, they certainly blacked them out. But simply copying and pasting the black areas revealed all! F1Fanatic has the story.

It is utter incompetence. Essentially, to remove the secret information, the FIA used a similar technique that internet users use to hide “spoiler text” when discussing films and the like. Highlight the text below, as they say.

Max Mosley would be hilarious if he wasn’t so pathetic!

So now all of Ferrari’s super secret information has been leaked for all to see. Not only this, but other sensitive information — such as Mike Coughlan’s salary at McLaren — has also been revealed. Who needs any rogue Nigel Stepney-style figure when you can get the FIA to do all the work for you?

The FIA have since fixed their documents, but of course it is too late. The originals are all over the internet now. On websites like major Dutch broadcaster RTL.

Do I envisage Max Mosley being fined $100m dollars for bringing the sport into disrepute because of this? Not a chance — even though he deserves it more than anyone else!

What was that you say? A double-rear master cylinder with spring? Very interesting!…


  1. These incompetent idiots are running the sport I love, setting themselves up as a law court, handing out massive fines when nothing has been proved and deciding the future of motor sport. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s funny. It has got to be stopped.