Blur reunion on the cards!

It doesn’t feel like they’ve been away for long enough for a proper reunion. But when you think about it, the last album Blur recorded with Graham Coxon was released almost nine years ago! This should make every Britpop fan feel really, really old.

The rumours have been going for a while. Just last year I had heard that all of the members of Blur were suing each other. Now it seems confirmed that they are all — including Coxon — going into the recording studio very soon.

The fact that Graham Coxon is back is the real news though. He was pretty central to Blur. You could tell that just by listening to the sans-Coxon Blur album, Think Tank, which felt really empty and half-arsed. After a lacklustre album, it wasn’t a surprise to see Blur fizzle out.

Meanwhile, Graham Coxon’s solo career sky-rocketed. And who could blame Damon Albarn for not being too bothered given the success (and, let’s face it, damn good music) of Gorillaz. (The less said about Alex James’s WigWam, the better. At best the song sounds like an awful re-hash of ‘Girls and Boys’. And worst it sounds like the consequences of too many drugs.)

Think Tank and the death of Blur was a disappointment because their previous album, 13, is for my money one of the best albums of the 1990s. I still feel that the was completely overlooked by the media and the public, who at the time were too busy still fawning over OK Computer to notice anything else.

Listening to some of the older Blur material, it is easy to see why everyone got so excited about the whole Britpop thing. Blur wrote so many of the great pop songs of the 1990s. You can see this by looking at the tracklisting to their Best of album — more notable for the omissions than the inclusions (where were ‘Popscene’, ‘Chemical World’, ‘Stereotypes’…?).

To celebrate the news of the reunion, it is time for a Blur with Graham Coxon Nostalgic YouTube Extravaganza! (This means a bunch of videos that I will post and will stop working within a week as they get pulled off.)

Coffee and TV

The height of Graham Coxon’s powers as part of Blur.

Click “Click for more” for more.


Charmless Man

The Universal

Trimm Trabb (live)

A live performance of what is perhaps my favourite Blur song.

Rock Profile

From when Matt Lucas and David Walliams were still funny.


  1. At the time I wasn’t hugely into either Blur or Oasis – I have a habit of just not liking popular things, the more popular they become, the less I seem to like them! – but after a while they grew on me.

    Obviously as Oasis continued on, they are more in the public arena and I have caught up with their back catalogue but I am yet to fully appreciate Blur from the same period.

    Song 2 was the hit which really brought them to my attention, the other singles went over my head a bit. I never disliked them as such, they just didn’t really capture me and make me want to go out and buy the album.

    Why is every group which ever created a record and then split-up, now reforming? I suppose there are some which have done so successfully, like Take That, but for every one of them there is bound to be a dozen who end up losing money rather than earning more.

    No doubt that is the main attraction for the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Sex Pistols etc – why else would they bother?!

  2. It has to be said though Craig that BLur aren’t really re-forming, they didn’t really split up in the first place. Had an album not been made after Coxon was booted out I would have said that they had split up, however I think they just went on an indefinite hiatus while Albarn did other things. Also it was going to take a while for Blur and Coxon to settle their differences.

    I think the quality of Coxon’s solo work really does show exactly how integral he was to the success of Blur. Particularly his earlier, lo-fi albums which had a range of sounds. I’m certainly looking forward to what Blur can do with Coxon in the band again. Hopefully it goes well anyway.