It looks like Scots are tight after all

There are some adverts running at the moment that jar with me a bit. The charity World Vision is advertising for sponsors. Nothing wrong with that of course. And the adverts are hardly going to be works of creative genius either. It’s pretty much what you would expect from that sort of advert.

World Vision advert: 'It's your call Scotland' But there is one thing that really annoys me about them. They go out of their way to point out that the advert is aimed at Scotland. The image to the right is from an advert I saw in MSN Messenger (they know where I live!). If I recall correctly, the television ad says something like, “Come on Scotland!”

I’m not sure what to make of it. There is nothing else particularly Scottish about the adverts. The actor is English, and I recall an older advert featuring John Craven. I am guessing that similar campaigns are running all over the UK, either with no reference at all to Scotland, or with a reference to your particular region. “It’s your call Anglia!”

My guess is that England does not get its own name check, either for England or regions of England. I know there are a few bloggers who get annoyed about Scotland getting fancy labels on its food in supermarkets while England has to make do with being British. English in British out, they call it.

But I don’t really understand the need to mention Scotland in the adverts. Does it actually make Scots delve deeper in their pockets this line is included in their adverts? It must do, otherwise it would be hard to justify the extra cost and effort involved in making different versions of adverts for different parts of the country.


  1. I got strangely excited by the fact that I was using English milk last week in Sussex, but it was ruined by the red of the English flag jarring with the green label of the semi-skimmed; the blue of Scotland is so much prettier!

  2. There was a period of time about 15 years ago when everything was being renamed with the prefix Scot.

    The coop, British Scottish gas, British Scot rail, just about anything you could think of. Though perhaps the only directed aim at Scottish giving I can remember is the particular Scottish poppies for remembrance day – with the implied message that money would only be spent on Scottish servicemen and not wasted on the English.

    The use of the word Scot or Scottish seemed to work then.

    In England we are only just waking up to how we’ve been ripped of by the current devolution settlement. But you can now buy English milk in M&S, but for some reason there are only Carrots and Scottish Carrots – according to the weighing machine- in my local Sainsbury’s ( but oddly only one actual supply of the carrots ).

    Having lived in the Netherlands for a year I can just about appreciate Scottish generosity, its just a bit understated.