Phones vulnerable to SMS and caller ID spoofing

Here is a post that demonstrates how somebody can “hack” your Twitter account as long as they know your phone number.

Basically, you can use some dodgy site called FakeMyText to pretend that you are texting Twitter from somebody else’s number.

But wait a minute. This is a website that lets you spend your whole time pretending to be using someone else’s phone. Why bother hacking somebody’s Twitter account when you can just go around texting everyone? That way your entire phone life is hijacked!

I mean, if I was given a choice between telling jokes about dead babies on somebody else’s Twitter account on the one hand, and texting an enemy’s girlfriend posing as said enemy saying she has a face like a baboon on the other, I know which I would go for.

This FakeMyText business isn’t a problem with Twitter. This is a problem with phones.

Via Hell Yeah Bitch!

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