Congratulations to Nestlé

For the Smarties egg. This is brilliant.

You get loads of different spin-off mini chocolate eggs these days. Most of them can’t hold a candle to the original Creme Eggs. But the Smarties egg is just brilliant. It’s got a really nice inside that’s a bit like how a Milky Way used to be before they were white on the inside. And then, inside that creamy mush, sits a cluster of little Smarties.

Much better than the normal ‘let’s stick some gunk in a chocolate egg and see how many suckers buy it’ nonsense.


  1. I eat all Nestlé products I can get my hands on to annoy People and Planet.

    Seriously though, I have written about this boycott before but I can’t find it. In short, I am massively ambivalent about it because for one I don’t do boycotts because of the job losses involved and for another the issue isn’t nearly as simple as the busybodying pressure groups make out (the transmission of HIV via breast milk is the huge elephant in the room they somehow never manage to tackle).

  2. Two questions, if I may, Doc. Firstly, do the drawbacks of lost jobs always outweigh the benefits of any boycott?

    Secondly, I grant that HIV transmission via breast milk is an issue. But La Leche League (yep, I know, busybodies, but they clearly are engaging with the issue…) present research which seems to suggest that exclusive breast-feeding and exclusive formula-feeding carry about the same HIV infection risk. It is mixed feeding that appears to carry a much higher risk. It should also be borne in mind that babies can be infected in the womb and during delivery, as well as via breastfeeding.

    LLL also quote the following: “In a recent modelling exercise Kuhn et al.10 estimate that when infant mortality rates are greater than about 40 per 1000 live births, providing formula milk to HIV-infected women would result in the excess number of deaths arising from formula use being the same or greater than the number of HIV infections that might be prevented.”

    They acknowledge that research is incomplete, and I clearly realise that the situation is far from clear-cut, but it does seem to me that there are, despite issues around HIV transmission, compelling reasons for boycotting Nestle because of its promotion of formula milk. Does that have any effect on your ambivalence?

  3. And my apologies for failing to close the tag after “are” in parenthesis. If you want to edit the comment, please feel free.