vee8: Formula 1 liveblogging / Twittering

Contrary to the post I wrote yesterday morning, this week is actually a very good week for me and new web-ventures! Yesterday I moved Scottish Roundup to its new home.

Now I have gone ahead and created that Twitter account for Formula 1 liveblogging. This kind of kills two birds with one stone. The obvious advantage is that I won’t now bombard non-F1 fans with mundane posts like “OMG stupid crash” or somesuch.

Regular readers may remember that a while back I toyed with the idea of setting up a separate blog for Formula 1. In the end, I decided against it. But that meant that I couldn’t use the brilliant name I thought up for that blog — vee8.

Well, the second advantage is that now I can use that name with my Twitter account. So go ahead — if you’re an F1 fan and you use Twitter, add vee8 to your friends and you can have me constantly interrupting you during the race. Woohoo!

vee8 logo I am very proud of the logo, which was one of the most pain-free experiences I have ever had. I realised I needed an avatar, but I hadn’t thought up a logo. Instantly I thought of an appropriate way to edit my normal avatar. Five seconds in MS Paint later, and you can see the result on the right!

Here is the real test though: Will I be able to keep up the liveblogging all season? I doubt it somehow. Inevitably real life will get in the way. But I might just get bored of it as well. Who knows though, we’ll see.


  1. I don’t get the inevitable pun involved with “vee8″…? Do explain, I am curious.

  2. It will be interesting to see how you get on using Twitter to Live Blog – I’m toying with the idea of using it to Live Blog the Eurovision this year and the local elections in May.

    Using Twitter and the brilliant feed pull function of Tubmlog should be a lot easier than trying to update my blog page.

    I’ll watch on with interest – but I don’t think I’ll add vee8 as a friend though (no offence) but people going round in circles in a car doesn’t really inspire me 🙂