It was war. It is war

Hello there. I’m still really busy at the moment. It’s the last week of teaching at university, and with that comes a deluge of coursework hand-ins. Still, they are all quite interesting so it doesn’t feel too much like hard work, so it is consuming a lot of my time. Typical that this would be the week when I was asked to go into work almost every day.

My point is that, while I normally like to just pop out blog posts as and when, this week’s posts have been pre-recorded, though no more polished than usual unfortunately. I knew that this week would be busy, so I prepared some delightful posts that aren’t about what’s happening right now.

I hope it doesn’t make you feel empty to realise that I wrote that post about Twitter before I liveblogged the grand prix. Nor celebrated the second birthday of my iRiver (and the 21st birthday of me) several days before the actual event. Look out tomorrow for a post with a witty pun on ‘RSS’ which was written a week ago.

But it turns out that, slap bang in the middle of the busiest week I’ve had since the third week of January (okay, so that’s not too impressive…), here I am wasting my time writing blog posts. That is because it is my birthday, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to be spending all of it writing about fiscal autonomy.

I have also been tagged with a meme about the Iraq war. For some reason, people seem to think that the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war is more important than the second anniversary of me owning an iRiver. I don’t understand that mentality myself, but I will play along nevertheless.

I was tagged by Clive from The UK Today and the meme was started by Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads.

What did you post on 20 March, 2003?
(or as close to this date as possible)

I didn’t actually post on my blog on 20 March, 2003. This possibly indicates that I am a sadder 21 year old than I was a 17 year old. But I did write a post on the 19th. And another on the 23rd.

I would like to remind you at this point that in these posts I was 16 or 17, and that back then I was even more of a dick than I am now. I wouldn’t recommend anybody to visit my old blog because it really is quite bad. I never look at it myself because I’d rather not be reminded of it. It was from before I learned how to embellish my personal life to make it sound interesting.

I don’t even think I read other people’s blogs back then, so it truly is self-indulgent stuff. So there you have a post about some CDs I got in the post (yawn, mind you it contains an interesting reference to Chris Clark) and another one that actually seems to be about nothing.

As I’ve grown up while being a blogger I’ve been very aware of how much I have changed and… well, grown up. When you’re 16 or 17 you think you’re really smart, but actually you’re not. Of course, now that I’m 21 I am obviously a genius. (When I’m 25 I’ll be bemoaning the quality of this post.)

Seriously though, I always wonder if I will one day seriously regret blogging (and therefore having quite an in-depth record of my life and opinions up on the interwebs for all to see) from such an early age. I mean, somebody can see something I wrote a few years ago and take that as my opinion even though it is a few years old. They might not realise that I was a teenager with ridiculous hair when I wrote that stuff. A few years when you’re in your teens is different to a few years when you’re an adult.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. Here is a post that I wrote on the 17th of March 2003 which was actually about the then imminent war in Iraq. I actually remember deciding specifically not to blog about Iraq on the day itself. I felt all warred out, which is pretty much how I’ve felt ever since then.

Duncan Stephen: 17th March 2003 (posting as doctorvee)

I’ve not actually re-read that post, because I’m scared of what it contains. So, er, sorry if it’s really bad, which it probably is.

Now I have to tag five people. Tough. We are talking about four years back here, so I have to think of people who might have had something to say on the internet back then, which I don’t think is so easy. Anyway, here is my best shot.

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