Mixing It banned by the BBC

It’s true.

Whilst we of course have no objection to Mark Russell and Robert Sandall presenting a radio programme which covers new and experimental music, the BBC has issues regarding the unauthorised use of the programme title Mixing It. The BBC has been using the programme name for 16 years and in that time it has become a very established brand for our organisation

As Mark Russell says, so established that they decided to drop it without giving a reason!

So, not content with booting Mixing It off their own airwaves, the BBC seem to be doing everything they can to limit its chances on a tiny, not-for-profit radio station that survives on listeners’ donations.


  1. Saddened to hear that the BBC has taken this view on “Mixing It”. As a public service broadcaster, the show seemed to be one of the few things that actually fulfilled their remit. However, this particular flurry does at least give us the opportunity to hear about the show’s defection to Resonance FM. I didn’t even know about that until I stumbled across the news of this “ban”. The Mark Russell and Robert Sandall have earned a lot of respect on Radio 3, and I sincerely hope that they bring some of their listenership with them to Resonance. Keep up the good work lads!

  2. We have seen this week the commitment of the BBC to public service broadcasting as they announce yet more job, programme and content cuts. There is no copyright in titles and the BBC never registered Mixing It as a trademark or anything else. It clearly had no value to them or they would not have dropped it. A small, not for profit station attempts to do something the BBC has failed to do. What happens, as usual when the BBC sees someone else creating a niche it rushes to fill it with…?
    Thanks Mark and Robert for all you put up with those years.

  3. The BBC do not own the Intellectual property of the title “Mixing It”. In fact I was surprised they got away with using it. For many years before the BBC used it, it was the name of a new music review column in the magazine “Music Technology”.