Another blogging milestone reached!

This blog has been used as a source for a Wikipedia article — Urination! Yes, it’s about doing a wee. (Yeah, my last post was about being naked; this one is about taking a slash. Tune in tomorrow for stories about wanking.)

Here is the glorious moment, mine is link #2.

Public toilets often have urinals for men because it is more convenient for them to urinate standing up, though some believe it is because it is less socially accepted for women to urinate standing. There are varying rules of etiquette associated with two more more males using adjoining urinals [1],[2]. A novelty, still rare, are public urinals for women, allowing them also to urinate standing up. This is done using a special tool [3] or with the finger-assist method [4].

Definitely one to put on my CV.

It’s difficult to know what I’ll achieve next with this blog!

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