Sleeping naked

Here is a website advocating that you should Sleep Naked. I used to do that all the time, except in the very coldest nights of winter. Then I started to think that being naked in the morning made me less likely to get out of bed because it is so cold. So I’ve started wearing pyjamas again, but it is so uncomfortable. (Via)


  1. Sleeping in the nip is the way of the future, although it can scare the flatmates… Or the children in the school opposite.

  2. There’s nothing like sleeping in the natural way, but I keep a dressing gown to hand for when getting up.

    The guy across the road from me would appear to sleep in the natural way, but does not seem to own a dressing gown.

    I get up earlier than he does. I am a morning person these days.

  3. I have slept naked since I was a young teenager. I encourage my girlfriends to do the same because if they enter into the habbit it will enable them to feel more comfortable when they completely strip off for love making. The propensity is such that even during the course of my work offshore and when I have to share a cabin I do the same and do not care anymore if this becomes the subject of ideal gossip. As for feeling cold this is surely just a matter of selecting a duvet with the right TOG value or if you do not have suitable central heating using an electric 3kW fan heater.